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Bird droppings, moss and muck accumulate on the roof tiles over the years. They not only make the roof look old and tired they also damage the tiles.

Why clean your roof?

Improve the look of your home
Protect your roof from future muck and frost 
First impressions are everything. A clean roof will add value to your home
Save money on future repairs 

AlgoClear® Pro

AlgoClear® Pro Softclean is a non-aggressive high purity biocide suitable for cleaning roofs and walls. Specialised equipment is utilised to deliver it effectively and safely on the material to be cleaned. It has been adapted to suit weather conditions prevailing in the British Isles and Ireland.
In the fullness of time roof tiles are colonised by moss, lichen and a host of other species. It is deleterious to the material and appears poorly maintained. The mix of species is called “biofilm”.

After the treatment, the dead biofilm slowly disperses revealing the original appearance of the tiles. The self cleansing can take between a few weeks and a few months depending on the exposure and porosity of the roofing material

Any questions?

Is there a chance my roof will be damaged?
We have invested in equipment and training to ensure that in over 90 percent of jobs, we never set foot on the roof itself. If there is no other way of accessing an area of your roof then we would use roof ladders as a last resort.
Why is cleaning my roof important?
Moss is a living growing organism, which, if left to grow and flourish on your roof, can eventually cause significant and costly damage to your roof tiles. Once this has happened, water can enter the fabric of your building and cause extensive damage.

As moss freezes in the winter, it naturally expands, which is what causes the roof tiles to crack. Over time this problem will only get worse as more significant gaps develop. That is why it is critical to have moss removed from your roof as soon as possible.
How long will my roof stay clean?
After we have removed all of the moss, algae, and lichen from your roof, we then treat it with a biological roof wash, which is only available to professional roof cleaning companies. This product comes with a three year guarantee, meaning that your roof will stay clear of moss for a minimum of three years – normally much longer unless your home is surrounded by trees on the north facing aspect of your roof.
How much does it cost?
Unfortunately due to the number of variables encountered from house to house we cannot offer a generic price for our services. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll give you a free no obligation quote!
These guys did exactly what they said they would do. The team arrived on time on both days. They had to stay on it to complete the work in the 2 days allocated and this they did remaining courteous and tidying up as they went. The finished roof looks great, we are both very pleased with the work and the professionalism demonstrated by the company.
Lewis McCool
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